April 14, 2018: Dance Across Texas Dance hall

April 14, 2018

Dance Across Texas  in south Austin is no longer available for dancing. It closed September, 2018.  It was open for about 27 years and had several big names play there.  We showed up early for the Saturday night dance lesson.  There was a large, covered, concrete patio with several large TV screens and seating areas for smoking.  The dance floor was larger than other Austin area floors, with a disco ball flashing multi-colored lights on the dance floor. That was visually disturbing to me, as the lights often blinded me during spins.

Larger tables on the side of the dance floor had various sports team flags hanging above them. We had a couple who parked next to us, decked out in Longhorn orange, complete with orange cowboy hats. Their car had decals on the mirrors, doors and license plates.  They were sitting, of course, under the Longhorn flag.

While we were waiting for the doors to open, we watched an employee rummage through the back seat of his van, which was parked three spots from our vehicle.  I was disturbed to see him sling a firearm over his shoulder and walk into the dance hall.  We waited, nervously, to hear gun shots. None happened, and he emerged from a side door a few minutes later – without the gun.

The dance lesson was entertaining and we did learn a new move, which we’ve incorporated into our dances. Though the floor was large, I didn’t enjoy dancing on it because of the lights. I’m not sorry it is being transformed into a brewery.

Less than a week later found us at Wild  West.

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