February 23, 2018: Watering Hole Saloon

February 23, 2018

The Watering Hole Saloon, at 1390 McQueeney Rd, New Braunfels, TX  was a replacement dance hall for us. We originally were slated to see Daryl Singletary at Conway’s. Daryl tragically died the 12th of February.  The Tequila Black band was quite enjoyable. They had a great lead singer, lots of energy and a loyal following at the venue.

The dance floor was smallish, but was easy to move across. The stage was raised up from the floor, with tables set up around and on the dance area. Pool tables in an adjoining area. If I remember correctly, there was a bus backed into the wall, and the side had been peeled away. The bartenders were set up inside the bus.

People were friendly and we had a very enjoyable night dancing.  We met Gabe, the lead singer, later in the year at another dance hall, singing with a different group of musicians.

The next day we visited Gruene Hall.

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