February 9, 2018: Mavericks

February 9, 2018

Mavericks at 1700 Grand Ave Pkwy #240, Pflugerville, TX (Travis County) is a nice, local dance floor.  They have an outdoor patio with games,  a poker table and a bar. Smoking is allowed only on the patio (Thank you!)  Inside there are three bars, several tables and chairs set up around the dance rail.  Wednesday evenings I meet other dancers from class to social dance. They are all very good dancers and I enjoy meeting and dancing with them.

Friday nights from 7-8 p.m. John Luper and his wife Tuesday have dance lessons. At $5 per person it’s a great deal!  John is a great teacher, Tuesday keeps him in line, I always learn something new and everyone has a great time. You don’t have to have a partner for the lessons. John has people rotate. However, if you don’t want to rotate partners for the lesson, it isn’t required.

Though it’s not an old dance hall, it is local for me and a great place to socialize, practice dance moves and have fun.

Next on our dance tour was The Watering Hole Saloon

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