July 28, 2018: Schroeder Dance Hall

July 28, 2018

Schroeder Dance hall (pronounced Shray-der) at 12516 FM622, Goliad, TX (Goliad County) had a wonderful floor.  It’s supposedly the second oldest dance hall in the state. The building was built in 1890, with the current 14,000 square foot dance floor built in 1935.  They have a kitchen that’s open for lunch from 11-3 and during dances, Fridays from 6-10 and Saturdays 8-midnight. Beer, wine and setups are available.  If you are coming to dance the doors open at 6.

Schroeder hall dance floor

We met a couple on the dance floor who could really spin.  I counted 27 consecutive spins in one dance. She said her best was 231 – from the first step onto the floor, through the entire song. And she never gets dizzy. That’s GREAT spotting!

Schroeder hall 7-28-18

The band the night we attended was Rick Trevino. The opening band was a mixture of local musicians and we thought we recognized the lead singer. The band name was unfamiliar to us though. During a break we walked over to talk to him and he said he recognized us as well. None of us could place where we knew each other. Later, searching through photos we found Gabe – of The Tequila Black band! We danced to his music in New Braunfels at The Watering Hole Saloon.

People were friendly. We were allowed to go out and get dry shirts and return with no trouble. The food was great. The floor was fantastic. We found out the floor had been sanded down not long before to fix some rough spots. The carpenters saved all the saw dust, bonded it together and used the saw dust to do the patching!

We had such a good time, I hope to return again soon.

Our next floor was at Uptown Dance.

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