June 22, 2018: Williamson County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo

June 22, 2018

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo in Georgetown, TX (Williamson County) is another venue that isn’t actually a dance floor. But rodeos in Texas have a dance at the end of every one, so of course we went. This was another last dance. The rodeo arena, in use for 75 years was scheduled to be torn down, so we had to make this last dance with the Debonairs.

A plywood floor was put down behind the viewing stands. The band sets up on a trailer bed. People crowd around to dance, watch and talk. The aroma of the rodeo, spilled beer, wet grass and sweaty bodies make for an interesting memory.

Our next dance stop took in several different dance floors in a single day. We started at Pig Pen Saloon.

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