June 9, 2018: Johnny’s Steakhouse

Pat Green at Johnny's Steakhouse 6-2018

June 9, 2018

Johnny’s Steakhouse 301 Thomas Arnold Rd, Salado, TX (Bell County) is an outdoor concert venue. We saw Pat Green perform. Mason Lively was the opening act.

Johnny’s has an indoor eating establishment with multiple tv’s going, and a busy bar. If you are there for a concert, it’s out back. Those covered picnic tables? Those are reserved. The ones out in the sun? Grab one if you can. The dance area is a mostly smooth concrete circle in front of the stage, with almost half of it circled with a pole fence. That was nice, because it kept people off the dance area (for a while.)

Outside they were cooking meat for sandwiches and had a full bar available. Porta potties were set up along two of the privacy fences.  Once you enter, you can’t leave and come back, so be sure to bring your sunglasses or sweater (weather dependent) with you.  If you go in the summer, like we did, I would suggest mosquito repellant. My bottle was shared by quite a few.

The weather cooperated for us and it was a great night with a clear view of the moon. We shared a picnic table with a couple from the Dallas area. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary.  People were polite, fun and considerate. Being an outdoor venue there was smoking, which makes me ill, but the slight breeze blew most of it away.  During the concert, Pat let us know it was his anniversary and introduced his wife. Our new friends were excited to share the same wedding date.

Next dance stop was Hippo Hut.

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