May 12, 2018: Round Top and Stone Cellar

May 12, 2018

Round Top and Stone Cellar  5042, 550 N Washington St, Round Top, Texas (Fayette County.) The Stone Cellar is a separate building across the parking lot from Round Top Dance hall. The Stone Cellar sells food and beer. They have a nice smooth floor and a small area for a day time band. Doors and windows were opened for the day time breeze. Walls are covered in different brewery signs. A covered outdoor porch with tables and chairs were set up for patrons. DJ music was playing so we danced. We were there early in the day, just to check out the location and timing for that evening. We could buy drinks and food at Stone Cellar and bring it into Round Top dance hall.  I purchased a decadent chocolate brownie, which we savored after the dance.

Round Top dance hall is a beautiful floor, with windows that are propped open with wooden stakes. It was built around 1907.  Here’s a link for more history.  A large fan near the band stage helps circulate the air.  To get inside there are a set of stairs at the front of the building.  Derek Spence performed a George Strait tribute the night we attended.

This is a family oriented dance hall. Several little girls were twirling around in the middle of the floor in between the dancers. There were tables set up, but we sat on the bench along the outside of the dance floor. Sitting next to us were Jane and Howard from Schulenburg. We found out they followed Derek Spence to different dance halls because they enjoyed him so much.  Jane and Howard introduced us to their daughter, her husband and their little girl. Meeting and talking with them made the night that much more enjoyable. People working the door and the beer/water bar were friendly.

We stayed until the band packed up. Sitting in the truck, eating the brownie, another band started up. We sat and listened to them for a while, but it was already after 1:00 and we were tired, so didn’t stay to find out the band, or dance some more.

This is a favorite dance floor.

During the day, we visited Zapp Hall and Grapetown.

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