November 11, 2018: Riley’s on the Backbone

November 11, 2018

We were looking for the Devil’s Backbone Tavern and saw the billboard, but totally missed Riley’s sign. Riley’s is at 3971 Farm to Market 32, Fischer, TX (Comal County.)

They share a common property line and almost the same parking lot.  Riley’s even has the Devil’s Backbone Tavern sign hanging above the door inside. But there was no wooden dance floor. Riley’s has a fairly large covered concrete floor with a food truck, portable heaters, tables and at least three cats. There is also an observation deck that gives you a spectacular view of the area.

The bartender, Tiffany, was very friendly. She was busy with locals at the tables and organizing food on a counter.  Other staff were cutting tomatoes for a pot luck lunch. We were invited to join them at 1:00. They had chicken, pasta, corn, cheese, luncheon meat & crackers, potato salad, pickles, tomatoes, cookies, chocolate cake and brownies. Locals were already at their tables, waiting for 1:00 to roll around.  We were informed they have live music every night – at least Wednesday through Sunday. The food truck didn’t work on Sunday.  We heard Tiffany tell a co-worker the only thing she ate the day before was a hamburger. She had a second hamburger in her purse, but didn’t eat because she gave it to a friend!

We went out to the dance floor and could almost hear the music from the bar as we danced around the cats and tables. One of the calico cats was interested in sharing our drinks, so we put the glasses on the food truck shelf with a napkin over them.  The pot luck was good.

We left Riley’s and went next door to the Devil’s Backbone Tavern.

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