November 2, 2018: Poodie’s


November 2, 2018

We heard about Poodie’s Roadhouse 22308 TX-71, Spicewood, TX (Burnet County) from multiple sources. We were told Poodie was Willie Nelson’s manager at one time and the venue had big name bands come through. We were anxious to see this floor for ourselves.

The night we went Carl Hutchens and the Almost Large Band started playing at 8:00. For whatever reason, the drummer didn’t show up until 10:30. They did a great job without him. Carl sounded a lot like Johnny Cash.  Since we were on our way out when the drummer came in, we don’t know what they sounded like as a full band.

image (3)

The venue sells hot dogs and burgers, and has a bar in the back of the room. A large wooden statue of Poodie stands guard by the door. The dance floor had two long tables on one end, the stage with a small ramp on the other end. Along the back wall were Vegas style gaming machines, which were constantly occupied – sometimes by staff.  The ceiling over the dance floor sloped toward the back wall and there was a step from the main dining area to the very tiny concrete dance floor. Three couples could (and did) dance swing at the same time, but that was all the room there was for dancing.  Most of the time we were the only ones on the floor.

We were glad we marked it off our list, but it’s not one we will return to anytime.

Kendalia Halle, our next stop, had a proper dance floor.

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