October 26, 2018: Old Helotes Inn

Old Helotes Inn 10-26-18

October 26, 2018

Old Helotes Inn 14405 Old Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX (Bexar County) is no longer open for public dances. (2-18-19 Update: They are open AND offering dance lessons! Click here to see their Facebook page.) It’s a 105 year old building with a very nice dance floor.  We were on our way up the street from the Helotes Creek bed and breakfast to John T. Floore’s and I suggested we try the door.  The building was decorated outside with Halloween items and the door was unlocked.  Someone was sweeping the floor in the kitchen area and came to see what we wanted.  I told them we were trying to see how many old dance floors we could dance on. We were given permission to dance around the tables. They were setting up for a fundraiser dance that night for the local food bank.

Old Helotes Inn 20181026

We danced a lovely waltz to George Strait on the iPhone, then walked across the street to John T. Floore’s for the concert.

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