September 8, 2018: Quihi Gun Club and Dance Hall

September 8, 2018

Quihi Gun Club and Dance Hall Co Rd 4517, Hondo, TX (Medina County) is way out in Quihi. You think you’re almost there, and then you drive some more.  We met  instructors, John and Twosie out here. They brought students/friends Bee and Travis, so we had a good group.

Quihi was established May 26, 1890 as a shooting club to defend against indian attacks.  The gun club is still active.  It’s the oldest continuous running gun club in the United States.

Dances are held the second and fourth Saturday of every month.  The dance hall has been flooded in the past, by the Elm and Quihi creeks, so it now resides on six foot stilts.  It started raining when we arrived, which made the photo look like there were lots of fireflies or Christmas lights.

Quihi at night 9-8-18

As you can see from the photo, it’s the standard open window air conditioning.  The current floor is gorgeous – until they come out with floor dust and make it so slick you take your life in your hands! Those of you (like us) who enjoy dancing in leather soles, bring something stickier (like sneakers) to enjoy the floor.)

Quihi inside 9-8-18

They had photos on the wall, many of them signed “To Floores” which confused us. I asked the bartender (beer, soda and water only) about it and he said they had been purchased at an auction.

The date we were here there were under 50 people dancing and visiting. Thankfully lots of children who loved sliding as far as they could down the floor. They picked up a lot of the floor slick on their clothing, and made the floor safer to dance on!

We were treated to Rex Allen McNeil and the Ram Tough Band as the entertainment.  We thoroughly enjoyed them. Rex came over during a break and spoke to our companions and gave us his business card.

We stayed until they quit playing. Then we had a long, dark drive back to San Antonio. Our next dance floor was over a month later – Cooter Brown’s Saloon.

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