September 8 & October 26, 2018: John T Floore’s


Floores 9-8-18

September 8, 2018

John T. Floore’s Country Store and Dancehall is at 14492 Old Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX just outside San Antonio (Bexar County).  MANY great names have played here. They have an indoor stage and an outdoor venue. The store is no longer, but you can still get a pretty good pulled pork or brisket sandwich. It was established in 1886.  The dancehall opened in 1942.

We ate under an umbrella of signed boots, hats, and farm implements.

Inside Floores in Helotes 10-26-18

They have a full bar inside with music from the radio or satellite  After we ate, we danced a bit, looked at all the photos on the wall and talked with the staff.  One of the posters showed their upcoming concerts and we purchased tickets to Billy Currington. So another trip here is planned and we’ll dance on the outside concrete floor!

We wandered up the street. Old town Helotes is quaint, quiet with very friendly people. Music was playing from what we thought was behind a store so we went to investigate. It wasn’t a live band, only a radio playing on a porch. By the time we got there it started raining, so we danced on the porch while waiting for the rain to subside. Next door was Old Helotes Inn. That got us thinking we might want to find a place to stay in Helotes when we returned for the concert. Walking into the boutique we were met with applause. The three ladies inside had been watching us dance on the porch!

We were directed to Colleen Miller, a sister of the boutique owner. Colleen owns the Helotes Creek Winery and the Helotes Creek Bed and Breakfast. She told us the price for the entire upstairs (two bedrooms, kitchen, bath, and two living areas) and said there was private parking in the back. We registered for the concert date. SCORE – a half block walk to a great concert!

About two blocks down from the bed and breakfast, we attended mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe. We were greeted as guests and asked if we’d like to bring the host to the priest.  Not being Catholic that was a new experience for me!

After mass we headed out to Quihi Gun Club and Dance Hall to meet friends and dance on another old floor.

October 26, 2018 – Outside venue

We were just up the street at Helotes Creek Bed and Breakfast and made the very short walk to the concert, on the back patio venue at John T. Floore’s.  Colleen Miller, the owner of the B&B said she was closing it on Oct. 30th, so we were happy the timing worked for us.  There were at least five band buses parked on the street. Police were directing cars to the grassy lot and the line to get in was starting to form.

A short wait to get in, wrist bands received, we started looking for a place to station ourselves. Walking past the local radio station booth, I was asked if I’d like to try my luck. I made a right swipe on the offered tablet and a virtual roulette wheel stopped on T-Shirt!


The first opening band was Renee Blair, followed by The Wild Feathers. There was still plenty of space to dance on the concrete in front of the stage, so we did. I saw one other couple dancing in the entire crowd.

Billy Currington came on and we no longer had space to move, much less dance.  The raised VIP patio had a straight shot view of the stage, but they were at the very back of the venue. Three outdoor bars were busy, but very efficient and lines moved at a good clip. The porta-potties were also in constant use.  Inside, if you could get through the crowd, they were still selling bbq sandwiches.

Billy Currington concert at Floores 10-26-18

Afterwards we waited in line to purchase our obligatory concert T-Shirt. While we waited, I saw the band members from The Wild Feathers at the next table. I took my winning radio T-shirt and they graciously autographed it for me.


We Two-Stepped to Poodies Roadhouse next.

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