May 12, 2018: Kreische’s Bluff Pavilion Hall

Kreische’s Bluff Pavilion Hall. During our visit to La Grange we viewed the site where the remains of the Dawson massacre and Black Bean Death Lottery were buried.  It’s found at US 77 S.

At the time, we thought it was an historical marker for the remains. And it is. But when I finally got a list of old dance halls, I was surprised to see this listing for Kreische’s Bluff Pavilion Hall. Because we tend to spin around at least once on almost any flat surface when we visit places, we did dance on the slab. We just didn’t realize at the time it was also the site of an old dance floor. So we get to mark it down as an old dance floor we have danced upon!

Feb. 11, 2019 Update: In doing more historical research it seems the original pavilion was destroyed in 1927, so we danced in the area where it once was, just not on the actual floor. (I’m still counting it.)

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