Cat Spring Agricultural Hall: Jan. 19, 2019

Next we stopped at Cat Spring Agricultural Hall, at 13035 Hall Rd, Cat Spring, TX 78933.

A little history: The first meeting of Cat Spring Agricultural Hall was June 7, 1856 for agricultural education. The immigrants who came were highly educated, but had no practical knowledge of growing crops, so they formed agricultural societies to learn how to grow and produce crops. Their first cash crop was cucumbers. They learned to make pickles and one of the meeting rooms at the end of the pickle factory is currently available for rent.

Searching their current calendar, you’ll see livestock meetings, Sons of Hermann meetings, silent auctions and private events scheduled. Sons of Hermann are frequently mentioned in my dance hall list. According to Wikipedia, they are a mutual aid society for German immigrants which started in New York City on July 20, 1840. They provide low cost insurance and promote the preservation of German language and traditions.

The original hall was built in 1879. A hurricane in 1900 blew the roof off. It was rebuilt completely in 1903. It is a twelve sided hall, each side twelve meters long and each pine beam is 40 feet long. To deter mice chewing on electrical wiring it is all encased in conduits.

The floor was smooth and it was a pleasure to dance in a circle, rather than an oval. Music from a bluetooth speaker was set up and we had ample dance time to enjoy the floor. The almost full moon was up as we left the hall.

We made a quick stop at Huff Brewing Company before our final stop at Coshatte Hall and the chance to dance with a live band.

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