Coshatte Hall: Visited Jan. 19, 2019

Coshatte Hall, at 5778 Smith Rd, Bellville, Texas 77418 was our last stop of the day. We were going to dance for several hours to the David Lewis Band. The hall was hosting a Remember When dance from 8:00 to midnight with hamburgers and $2.00 beers.

This is another round hall, though it has the more common eight sides rather than the twelve sides we saw at Cat Spring. The people we met were extremely friendly, the burgers were huge and very tasty, and David Lewis, only 18 and still in high school, was an excellent entertainer. I learned they have a BBQ cook off every April as a fundraiser.

Gas heaters were set up around the hall, keeping those at the tables toasty. Those of us on the dance floor created our own energy.

It was wonderful to see so many teens, children, toddlers and babies on and around the floor. Dance halls can’t survive unless younger generations continue the traditions. The original purpose of the dance hall was to create a place of community. By holding dances and fundraisers and keeping the memories and connections strong, I hope it eliminates the need for the halls to be repurposed as storage units or allowed to deteriorate.

I still have over 400 halls to visit. I want to visit them as an active dance hall, rather than a closed or destroyed building.

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