Schneider Hall: Visited Jan. 19, 2019

Old barn building now a wedding and party venue shown in the late afternoon sun
Schneider Hall

Our next dance hall stop was Schneider Hall, at 4351 TX 71, Columbus, TX 78934.

Some history: The hall was operated through the 1930’s by Fred, Jim, Willie and Jake Schneider. The hall closed in 1942, but you could still host parties through the 50’s. Fred, the last brother, died in 1984 and the hall was given to Amber Beccerra’s’ grandmother. Used for hay storage until 2009, when Amber’s sister wanted to renovate it for her wedding. Renovations were finally completed in 2010. After her mother was killed in a car accident in 2013, Amber moved back and started the wedding and party venue in earnest.

Venue wood floor with couch reception and tables set for wedding. Small white lights draped over the exposed ceiling beams
Schneider Hall

A stand alone bathroom for both men and women was added, along with a large deck on the back of the hall and water and electricity were put into place in the hall. No air conditioning is needed with the multiple windows that allow air circulation. Standing, portable heaters keep the area warm in cooler weather.

Amber Burris talking to tour group in the hall as she points to where she used to stack hay in earlier days
Amber telling us she remembers stacking hay bales in this area
Mason jars hung as decoration from ceiling beams amid white lights
Ceiling decorations
Wood floor with tables set for an upcoming party, lights draped on beams and sunlight through the side windows
View from the covered back porch through the hall

Amber said her hall was booked every weekend through June, 2019 with either a wedding or party event. If you are interested in a party or dance, she rents the hall for six hours for $450. A wedding will give you Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning starting at $5,400. Since I don’t have a special event planned for the future, I was really happy to get to see and dance on this beautiful floor. Visiting during the late afternoon let me see the setting sun through the hundred year old trees surrounding the hall.

Sunset light through old oak trees
Sunset view of the old oaks next to the hall

Back on the bus and off to see Cat Spring Agricultural Hall.

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