Finding a Dance Hall

In my quest to get “the list” of dance halls in Texas, I found a really cool Google Map made by the Texas Dance Hall Preservation group. If you are interested in taking your own Dance Across Texas, you might want to reference this map and find a hall or two in your area. Or do what we are doing and make it a day or two trip and see the sights around the hall! I’d love to hear where you visited and danced. The link has about 130 dance halls – quite a bit shy of the 400+ I’ve managed to compile. But it’s a great place to start. What I think is really great about the Google link are the photos of the halls on most of the links. Addresses, phone numbers and websites are also included on many of them. Kudos to the Texas Dance Hall Preservation group for the work they did on this map!

Here’s the link for the Google map.

Another source I use is the Texas Polka News. They have a monthly list of bands at halls all across Texas. The bands are not limited to Polka either. Subscribe for $25 a year. They also have an electronic link for $

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