Buckholts SPJST #15: Visited March 9, 2019

Buckholts, Texas has a population of 515 and is located in Milam County. Buckholts SPJST Hall #15 can be found at 600 E Hwy 36. It is a octagonal hall with a bright blue rooftop. According to the historical marker out front, the first hall was dedicated here on July 4, 1911 but was destroyed by a storm in 1915. It was rebuilt but that structure was set on fire in March 1936 when thieves used the fire as a distraction so they could rob a bank. The present building was built in 1936. It’s an round hall with hinged windows and central vent for air circulation, roof arches and hardwood floors. There are barbeque pits dug into the ground. Parking is on the grass. One thing I noticed is there was no center pole for this round hall, like others we have visited.

When we pulled into the parking area, we wondered what event we had stumbled onto as the doors were open and people were getting out putting on matching purple shirts. We decided we would try to look inside. It was a family reunion and even though we didn’t have a purple shirt, we weren’t given a second glance by those in the hall. Because we weren’t invited and I didn’t have permission to take photos of the children, I’ve blocked out their faces as well as the family name.

The stone monument out front is impressive.

Before we left, I did take a picture of a photo on the wall and we did a quick two step and twirl while the polka band warmed up.

It looked like a great place to have a family reunion – and the children certainly were having fun sliding on the floor and chasing each other!

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