Deanville Sons of Hermann Lodge #301: Visited March 9, 2019

Deanville Sons of Hermann Hall Lodge #301

Deanville Sons of Hermann Hall in Burleson County is located at 6785 FM 111 in Caldwell, TX. There is grass parking across the street when there is an event happening. Check their Facebook page for updates on dance events. The hall is available for rent if you need a place to hold a wedding reception or family reunion. We visited on a Saturday afternoon, when there was supposed to be bingo. We didn’t find bingo, but we did find some friendly gentlemen in the bar playing an intense game of dominoes. I had talked with Marsha prior to our visit and she had given us permission to dance in the hall when we arrived, so we made ourselves at home by turning on the lights and dancing a bit on the wooden floor.

Deanville Hall floor

It is an octagonal hall, with long wooden benches stacked between the tables, ready for overflow. One of the gentlemen at the bar told us the hall was built in 1929. From some of the Facebook posts, I learned they had been awarded some grant money for restoration projects. The floor is a nice size and we danced a two step to music in our head as there was no internet connection for our phone.

We looked at the photos on the wall and I repeated what little history I remembered about Hermann the Defender – namesake of the Sons of Hermann lodges. Hermann, also known as Arminius, lived from 18 (or 17) BC to 21 AD. He was a chieftain of a Germanic tribe who led an alliance at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. Under his leadership three Roman legions were destroyed. Modern historians feel his victory was one of Rome’s greatest defeats. If you want more information, here’s a Wiki link.

The first Sons of Hermann hall was established in New York in 1840. This hall’s original charter was 1913 under a different name: Frieda Lodge No. 301.

While we were looking at the photos, we heard the rain and wind start outside. So we danced a waltz, again to music in our head.

Sons of Hermann plaque
Band Stage

When the rain stopped, we turned off the lights and made our way back to the bar. The domino game was over and the men were standing outside talking. We bought a beer and asked if they knew where the New Tabor SPJST hall was located. We had the name and a vague address of TX 36. They gave us great directions and after taking more photos of the exterior we made our way to the second of six stops we made that day.

Barbeque pit
Dance floor door up steps, bar to the right up the ramp

We had a great time talking with the men in the bar and would love to come back and dance on the floor with other folks sometime. Thank you for letting us visit!

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