Nat’s: Visited March 9, 2019

Nat’s in Milam County is at 6057 US 79, Milano, Texas. It has been owned by the same family since its inception in 1938. It’s known as a biker bar, but everyone is welcome. They are closed on Wednesdays. We found people playing pool and sitting at the gaming machines as well as regulars Earl, Lane and Shorty sitting at the bar talking to DeeDee the very energetic and friendly bartender. There was also a group of ladies planning a hen party.

Lane, DeeDee and Earl.

The dance floor is smooth concrete and is quite large for the space. Lots of tables to sit and visit with your group or others and every table has their own clean ashtray. There was so much behind the bar that I lost mental functioning for a bit. The beer bottles on the shelf were vintage and represented past offerings of the bar.

Some of the Budweiser decorations dated to the 1950’s.

There was a large screen TV in the middle of the band stage, and posters on the walls of past events like the last date the Cowboys played in their original stadium.

The jukebox on the wall near the pool tables gives you three credits for a dollar. We got two songs for those three credits. We had the floor to ourselves and enjoyed the dancing. DeeDee took our picture while we danced.

This was the sixth and last dance hall of the day…a great way to spend a Saturday!


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