New Tabor SPJST #17: visited March 9, 2019

New Tabor SPJST Hall #17 is in Burleson County off FM 258 in Caldwell, Texas. Take Hwy 166 and make a left on 258. The hall is just a bit down the road, and easy to see. I didn’t have much information on this particular hall. Some of the notes said it was renamed Caldwell SPJST, but from the sign on the building, that bit of information was incorrect. It looked like there was a new roof and paint on the building. A ramp leads to the front door and there is a covered area in the back, either for smokers or for food that might be prepared. I went up to try and take a photo through the window and found the door unlocked! The room was decorated for a birthday party.

This SPJST hall was founded March 4, 1854! It has a nice wood floor. There are steps leading up to the stage. The hall has a kitchen area, lots of tables and, important in Texas heat, ceiling fans. We took a few photos of the hall, did a quick dance by the door, shut the door behind us and went off to find Caldwell SPJST hall.

This looks like a nice venue for parties or dances. I’m glad we were able to see it!

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