Anhalt Hall: Visited March 16, 2019

Photo courtesy of Anhalt Hall

I was so excited to see this floor that I forgot to take a photo of the outside! I contacted them via Facebook and was given permission to use one of their photos. Thank you Anhalt!

Anhalt Germania Farmer Verein Hall is located at 2390 Anhalt Rd, Spring Branch, Texas. The hall dates back to 1879. According to the information from our tour, it’s been enlarged several times, and now boasts a modern kitchen in the back. They hold monthly dances, except in August (too hot.) It is a well maintained, massive floor!

Here is some history I found on social media before our visit, with some corrections that were brought to my attention.

Anhalt Hall, est in 1879 as the Germania Farmer Verein (club), is probably the oldest farmers’ cooperative in Texas. The current dance floor was laid in 1908 and its events are few but fabulous. One standout is the Oktoberfest, the other is Summerfest in July. This iconic hall built in 1879 features a semi-circular; quonset style ceiling. It hosts dances on the third Saturday of each month, from 6 p.m. to midnight, with admission for most acts costing $15.

Food sold on site generally runs toward burgers. BYOB. Special German delicacies are offered during its Octoberfest event, when the doors open at 11 a.m.. Purchase tickets for pot roast, sausage, sauerkraut and a free side helping of traditional German music. As a social and benevolent organization, it was organized to by German settlers for common protection against cattle rustling. Well-known local performers have included Chris Wall and Gary P. Nunn. There is a newly renovated 6,000 SF hardwood dance floor. Cold beer, wine coolers, setups. You may bring snacks. No pets or coolers. Hall is available for rental.

I couldn’t wait to see the 6,000 square foot floor!

I didn’t realize the magnitude and craftsmanship in the rest of the building. The ceiling looks like Fischer Hall, which we visited earlier in the day – only on a larger scale.

Tables were filled along the railing, a birthday party was in progress, and benches along the walls were taken. They don’t reserve tables, so if you want to sit, get here early!

We ventured from the floor to look at the kitchen area, complete with tables for diners.

Then we made our rounds to the bar area…again, seating was available for those who needed or wanted to sit. They are on the far side of the room.

The best part was the music and dancing. Jake Penrod and his Million Dollar Cowboys performed. They started at 8 and didn’t take a break until 10 p.m. Lots of Two step, Triple Two and Waltz alternating with the requisite Polka.

Once the band stopped playing, the floor emptied as everyone went for a drink or a visit with friends and neighbors or a short chat and Thank You to the band members. Friends from the tour took advantage of the empty floor and danced to the DJ music.

This was a great floor. Lots of families attended and we had a great time watching the smaller kids imitate their parents, or make new friends around the tables. We didn’t get to stay as long as we liked, but it was long enough to dance awhile and enjoy the atmosphere and hall. We may be back!

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