Dance Hall Road Trips

Dance hall Road Trip Sticket

We were fortunate to find Erik McCowen and his road trip tours to central Texas area dance halls. He organizes great bus trips to five or six stops per trip. Each trip is unique, so you always see something different, even if the trip is in the same general location. If you are interested in taking a tour, or learning more, here is the link (and let him know I sent you!):

Many times we meet the owners or operators of the halls. Halls that are only open for special events are often open to us to view and dance on the floors. Plan to have at least one food stop and of course one (or more) beer stops. If the food stop is not in the middle of the trip, you can bet the dances at the end of the trip will offer something filling. Snacks and your own beverages are allowed on the bus, just no glass per bus rules.

Biography on The Dance Hall Road Trip
A little background

Here are some of the tour itineraries. I’ll add more as time goes by.

January 2019 trip

March 2019 Trip

Here’s the link if you are interested in getting on a tour. Dance Hall Road Trips


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