Hillbillyz: Visited March 16, 2019

We stopped for a meal at Hillbillyz, 1913 Ranch Rd 473 in Kendalia, Texas. While the rest of our dance hall tour group headed to the counter to order, we headed for the outdoor dance floor.

I think it’s been quite a while since any bands have graced the stage. But it would have been nice to see the bands featured on the wall, particularly for the price advertised!

Hillbillyz, like many of the off the road places, had a charm of its own. Walking into the building and looking straight up, you would see the very large cat lolling above you.

King Tut was also in the room.

We had brisket nachos, and it was large enough for two of us to share. While waiting for our food, I took some more interior and exterior shots of Hillbillyz.

Our group was large (40 people) so some of us ate outside. Fortunately, though it was getting chilly, there were outdoor heaters spaced near the tables. Afterwards, we loaded the bus for a stop at Twin Sisters, another venue we previously visited July 7, 2018, before our dance and final stop at Anhalt hall.

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