Sisterdale Dancehall and Opera House: Visited March 16, 2019

Sisterdale dancehall at 1210 Sisterdale Rd, in yes, Sisterdale, Texas, dates back to the 1880’s. The Dancehall was built between 1884 and 1890. It did hold operas in the past and now is mainly a wedding venue. If you are interested in your wedding here, the adjacent home is part of the package. Call Sierra Holt for information or check their website:

Our information from the tour said George Strait filmed a Bud Light commercial and Brooks & Dunn filmed the music video for Red Dirt Road here.

The ticket booth outside the dance hall is the original booth, complete with chandelier.

There is a wishing well and covered wagon on the property. The grounds are spacious and open.

But we were there for the dance floor!

One of the tour group had a song called Sisterdale on their phone. He played it and many of us danced to it. It about the history of Sisterdale hall. Doing a Google search does get you to a song named Sisterdale by J.R. Castro, but it’s not the same one we heard. I was sent the mp4 which is embedded here.

Behind the stage curtain is an old piano.

The view from the stage, through the curtain to the dance floor.

The old windows.

The new windows.

View from the front entrance toward the stage.

And the ceiling.

The covered deck outside the main door and the ticket booth as seen from the grounds.

And a few photos of the adjacent house that comes with the rental of the hall.

We enjoyed dancing on this floor. Since this is a venue hall, we wouldn’t have been able to get on it without being invited to a wedding, or going on the dance hall road trip, so thanks Erik! Our next stop was a beer joint where we also had some pretty good food – Hillbillyz.

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