Elgin SPJST Hall #18: Visited March 24, 2019

Elgin SPJST #18 is at 702 Hwy 95 North in Elgin, Texas. It’s a non-profit organization. Cost for most dances are usually $8 per person, with kids under 10 free. They sell beer, wine coolers and soda. Snacks, liquor and wine can be brought in. Sunday dances run 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. You get a ticket when you enter. Keep it handy for the drawing at intermission.

Upcoming events are listed on their Facebook page. The band playing the day we visited was Glen Collins and the Alibis. I’ve posted their flyer that shows where they’ll be through May 15, 2019.

Glen Collins and the Alibis Band

They are a great band. Every one of the band members could sing, and did so extremely well. Lots of two step, triple two, waltz and polka songs. We managed to dance a West Coast once. We aren’t big on polka ourselves, but really enjoy watching others travel the dance floor. There was a big group on the far end of the building from us who enjoyed line dancing to many of the songs. We tried to join in on one, but didn’t do too well. We were welcomed by the group anyway.

One of the regulars was celebrating her birthday and the band sang Happy Birthday to her. They seemed to know most of the regulars at the hall, and spent time going around visiting with people during their break.

This SPJST was formed in 1897. The members used to meet in a rental building near the downtown before the volunteers got together, purchased and built this building in 1976. The floor is the original floor from that time.

Elgin used to have upwards of 1,000 people at one time at their events. Ballroom dances were frequent. As time went on, the hall found people didn’t want to come out on Saturday nights, but the Sunday afternoon events are better attended. Of course, like most of the dance halls we visit, this one is available for rental.

The slightly vaulted ceiling, along with the air conditioner and ceiling fans kept the hall at a very comfortable temperature. Posted hall rules are enforced and have helped keep the hall and floor in good shape.

There were plenty of tables available to choose – from in front of the bar, and along three sides of the dance floor.

We met several people at this dance. One lady and I found out we had a former employer in common. I noticed quite a few ladies wore dance shoes, a change from other halls where footwear might be sneakers or flip flops. We were told the floor was not usually this slick. One regular took a broom and swept the excess sawdust off part of the floor. While asking others where they danced and what was their favorite floor, this place came up top of the list. We have to agree – it is a great floor. The people are very friendly. There is lots of parking. It’s easy to find. The band was a great dance band. Next time we’ll bring food!

After three and a half hours of dancing almost non-stop, we tipped the band, told new friends good-bye and headed to Meyers Barbeque off Hwy 290 for some pulled pork. Dancing makes us hungry and Elgin is known for two things: barbeque and bricks. Their pulled pork did not disappoint. All around a great day!

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