New Mercer Street Dancehall: Visited April 14, 2019

New Mercer Street Dancehall

Dance friends were telling us the new Mercer Street Dancehall was open, so we made plans to visit on a Sunday afternoon. The new address is 23490 RR 12, Dripping Springs, TX. It’s a pleasant drive along Highway 290 and just a short three mile jaunt on RR 12 to the dance hall. 3 Chord Rodeo, a band we enjoy and have seen at the old Mercer and Kendalia, was playing the date we danced.

The wood floor, laid over the concrete had been waxed recently, so I put my tennis shoes on to give me more grip on the floor. We always have a great time dancing and watching the other dancers. People at Mercer are there to dance and visit, in that order. Dolly and Lee, two people we met at Elgin SPJST were here today, also for the first time. It was great to talk to see them again.

The owners brought a lot from the old place, but there is a freshness in the placement of everything. There’s a new star just inside the door, which features our friend and dance instructor John Luper. It was taken at the old Mercer during one of his dance lessons.

The patio area is open and spacious. Umbrellas at the table give you some shade if you just need some fresh air, want to talk in a quieter environment, or just enjoy the outdoors during a band break.

The bar is well stocked and can be accessed from just inside the front door, or from the dance floor.

A cozy entry way is a nice place to wait for your friends, or watch the latest sports.

You can call ahead to reserve a table, or you can do like we do and make new friends at a table with empty seats.

But the reason we come is for the dance floor.

If you want to show up on a Saturday, John and Twosie teach lessons at 7:30. Tell them hello for us!

We had a great time dancing to a fantastic band and visiting. This is one of the floors we’ll return to often. Though it isn’t an old floor, they bring in bands who play at older halls, so we know we’ll hear dance music. Concerts are nice, but we’re trying to DANCE across Texas. If you have a place you enjoy dancing, drop me a note. I’d love to add more floors to my list. Hope to see you on the floor!

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