Devil’s Backbone: Visited May 11, 2019

The first time we visited this venue, there was no band and we danced to music on the jukebox. This time we made a special trip to hear David Lee. We first heard him at Mercer Street Dance hall. His daughter is a singer and joined him on stage. A few other people joined in on the dancing, but for the most part, we had the dance floor to ourselves. David plays great dance music! And we enjoyed his stories about the songs, the other singers he knows and his take on music and life.

After getting our beer (of course we had to try the Devil’s Backbone beer offered in the bar.) we met Stacy Lee, David’s wife. We had a great conversation with her, she took our photo in front of the iconic VW bug out front, and she introduced us to their daughter, Jessie. We loved her singing and wish Jessee much success in her career!

If you want more on the dance hall, please see the November 2018 post on Devil’s Backbone.

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