Street Dance at Hico: Visited May 18, 2019

We planned to visit the Greenwood Saloon in Bluff Dale, but it didn’t open until noon, so we made a few side trips. Leaving Comanche where we had danced at The River Club the night before, our first stop was Dublin where they used to bottle Dr. Pepper with cane sugar. Now they bottle eight flavors of Dublin soda.

Then a drive to Veldhuizen Cheese Shoppe (3364 County Road 299, Dublin) where we were met by a huge Pyrenees and several cats. Driving up the road to the shop, we could see sheep, goats, hogs and a few chickens. They have goat, cow and sheep cheese and we tasted six or seven varieties. We found out they age their cheese in caves on the property. Because there were storms in the area (we were under a tornado watch at the time of our visit) they were not conducting the tours. They stock honey, butter, eggs, Dublin soda and Wiseman chocolates.

Velhuizen barns

After packing our purchased cheese in the cooler, we drove down the road to view the Stephenville house museum, 525 E. Washington St, Stephenville.

Carriage house
Jones Cabin

Docent and self guided tours are available at this museum of homes. Some of the homes are replicas, but most have been moved to the site. Signs outside each building give you information as well as who donated the property. Farm implements, tractors and parts and old carriages were also on display. While taking a photo of the tractor, I had a visitor.

Before we could examine all the buildings the sky opened up so we cut the visit short and headed for Bluff Dale and Greenwood Saloon.

After our dance at Greenwood Saloon we stopped at Wiseman House Chocolate store, 406 Grubbs St, in Hico. After sampling and purchasing chocolate and Mexican vanilla, we danced a jitterbug on the porch to the music they piped outside.

Wiseman House of Chocolate

A few blocks away was day two of the 16th Texas Steak Cook off. We parked and walked past the 57 competitor booths, sampling along the way. A dance tent was set up and we danced to Johnny Riley and the Hired Guns. Wandering through the crowd was a mariachi band and at the craft beer tent we heard polka music. More opportunities to dance and we took them!

Johnny Riley and the Hired Guns

Billy the Kid Museum is located in Hico and we meandered through. Military uniforms from various conflicts were on display along with the story of Billy the Kid. A plaque on the street said Brushy Bill Roberts, who claimed to be Billy the Kid, died in Hico in 1950. You can believe it or not, but the plaque says people in Hico believe.

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