The River Club: Visited May 17, 2019

The River Club

We heard Jody Nix at the River Club, 3180 Hwy 67/366, in Proctor. Jody is a very gracious person and we thoroughly enjoyed his band. From the first notes of his first song, people filled the floor and stayed there. He recognized many dancers and dedicated songs to quite a few, in addition to the congratulations for wedding anniversaries or birthdays.

Jody Nix band

We were met at the door by BJ, who asked if we had a reservation. We did not. Looking around we realized most of the tables were reserved and started to worry. BJ asked a few questions, discovering we were hoping to dance a lot and didn’t enjoy smoke and found a great table for us. She then spent quite a bit of time answering my questions about the hall. Later we saw her on the floor – the lady can dance!

Some of the reserved tables that night
BJ is in charge of reservations

The building was constructed in the 1970’s, with wood paneling on the walls, and tile where there used to be carpet. The smooth concrete dance floor was spacious and generously sprinkled with sawdust which was dispersed by the dancers. Good dancers all over the floor, with very few bumps. There is one large bar along the back of the room and the raised stage was one of the larger we’ve seen. The five piece band had plenty of space to spread out. You are allowed to bring in snacks and we saw at least four cakes.

Stage and floor

We shared our table with new acquaintances from Abilene, Jan and Richard. They were old friends with the drummer and we enjoyed looking at grandchildren photos in between songs. They were hoping to miss the bad weather when they returned to Abilene that night. The next morning we heard there was a tornado in Abilene, so we sent out a quick prayer that they are OK.

Our view of the floor
The bar
Jody Nix band
More reserved tables

The floor, band and people were great and we had a wonderful time dancing and visiting. We hope to go again with our friends John and Twosie sometime!

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