Turner Hall & Schulenburg VFW #5623: Visited June 2, 2019

Turner Hall

A closed dance hall we stopped by was the former Schulenburg VFW #5623. It is now a Boys and Girls Club. It is located near Bohlman street in Schulenburg, in the same area as a memorial marker for veterans, a playground, and the Schulenburg Turner hall. We took photos of the pavilion, the VFW and Turner hall exteriors and danced to a song on the radio on the pavilion.

Schulenburg VFW #5623

In exploring the area, we found the historical marker for Turner hall and managed to get a decent photo of the inside through the glass door. The marker indicates dances are still held here, so we’ll keep an eye out for one we can attend.

Historical marker for Turner hall
Inside Turner Hall (photo through glass front door)

We were originally looking for Wright’s Park. Google took us to the pavilion, which I mistakenly thought was the site of the old dance hall. In doing more research after we returned, I discovered the site we were looking for was about two blocks away from this area. So we’ll need to return to see that building!

Pavilion – Not the site of Wright’s Park

Just like most of our dance trips, we toured the area. Schulenburg area is known for their painted churches, so we stopped by several. We also drove across the Piano bridge, which is supposed to sound like a piano as you drive across. I didn’t know they had done some maintenance and the bridge no longer sings.

St. John the Baptist – Ammannsville
Sts. Cyril & Methodius – Dubina
St. Mary – High Hill

It was a nice ending to our dance trip. A dance at Sengelmann Hall the night before, then discovering these two dance halls. Though we didn’t get to the dance hall we set out to find, we did visit (or miss) several places we want to return and dance.

Though I didn’t take any photos at the Hostyn Parish Hall, we did walk the grounds and look at the grotto. According to history I found, the grotto took 400 loads of stone, 75 loads of sand and 258 sacks of cement in the construction. It is 43′ in length, 20′ high and 26′ wide. It has a lovely water feature – live koi and lily pads. Address is 214 E Colorado St, La Grange.

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