Lubianski Dance hall: Visited June 23, 2019

We visited Lubianski Dance Hall, at 13636 FM 1346 in St. Hedwig, in June 2019. It was a Sunday, and no one was around. At the time we thought it was abandoned as a dance hall. I have since been corrected and am happy to say the hall is available for rent. They make good use of all interior space by storing and selling sacks of feed inside.

We turned into the parking lot at this sign
Photo through the front window

Coincidently, Facebook had a post on Monday morning about this place. Here’s the article link. We have put this back on our list of halls to visit – hopefully not on a Sunday again so we can see and dance inside!

Corbin Lubianski contacted me with a link to their new website. Check it out for photos, directions and rates.

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