Texas Pride BBQ: Visited June 23, 2019

Texas Pride BBQ is found at 2980 E Loop 1604 South in Adkins. They have live music Friday nights, and Thursday is biker night. I don’t know how old the business is, or the building but it looks like it’s been around quite awhile.

We attended a medical benefit here for Junior Christian, a former rodeo clown and bull rider. He was also the bus driver for Johnny Bush, Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee.

Covered outdoor dance area
Kid’s area

The band stage is elevated and there are screens for attendees at the back to see the band. These weren’t in use while we were there. A huge fan is in the center of the ceiling, with more fans positioned around the perimeter. With those running and the breeze blowing through it wasn’t too hot until we started dancing.

There are a lot of old signs and items throughout the dance floor and in the restaurant.

I can think of several places I would like to hang this sign!

Johnny Bush’s bus out back.

One of the VIP tables
Listening to Johnny Bush
Auction Item – hand crafted mirror has Junior Christian and Johnny Bush’s boot tips
Auction Item – Weldon Henson signed guitar
Auction item – Photo op with Texas the Longhorn
Benefit T shirts

It was hot and humid at the benefit, but we danced anyway, bought two t-shirts and barbeque and had a great time. If you don’t make it for a dance or concert, stop for the barbeque. We may be back – just for the food!

If you are keeping score (we are) this made dance floor number 37 for the year – and June isn’t over for another six days! Last years total was 38.

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