Pavlas Tavern: Visited Oct. 20, 2019

Pavlas Tavern can be found at 114 South Main Street in Moulton. Phone number 832-528-9638. They have a Facebook page and a website.

This was a stop on our Dance Hall Road Trip tour. Originally opened by George and Vlasta Pavlas and when George died Vlasta ran it for many years. It is now run by Willie Pavlas. It opens about noon. Sometimes there is live music in the evening.

They had a quirky Halloween tree up with a lot of sugar skulls and pumpkins.

A group of locals were sitting together when we entered. They were nice, but I’m sure they were thinking we disturbed their quiet Sunday afternoon beer meeting. Lots of T-shirts and caps for sale. Several in our group made purchases. I learned several Czech words. Pivo is beer. Jak se mas is (loosely) How are you doing?

The wall was interesting. The owner scraped plaster off to expose the underlying brick in several places. The impression is one that bothers some of his patrons. They ask when he’s going to finish the wall, thinking the few spots are what is left to do. The ceiling is pressed tin.

The bar
The locals and our group
Roof or attic access

If you are in Moulton, stop in and say Hello to Willie and ask for a pivo. I bet you’ll enjoy your visit as much as we did!

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