Shiner KC Hall: Visited Oct. 20, 2019

Shiner KC Hall can be found at 198 S. Ave. G, in Shiner. KC stands for Knights of Columbus. They have a Facebook page. It is mainly a rental venue for weddings, receptions and family gatherings. There are several large buildings and the main hall is huge. Clean up for a wedding the night before was in progress when we arrived.

One area for tables and part of the dance floor
The dance area

There is a raised platform for the band. Bingo is held here and the board is on the back of the stage.

More seating

I heard dates for future events, but neglected to write them down at the time. An annual Fiddler’s Frolic is all I remember. Check their contact information on Facebook, or call 361-594-2448 if you are interested in utilizing this space.

The trophy area was between the main dance area and the next meeting room. Both areas had kitchens.

Second meeting area

The beer booth building, next to the main building can be utilized for large gatherings.

A covered area for outdoor affairs.

The kitchen area for the second meeting room.

The American Legion flag disposal collection box can be found outside the main building.

Lots of shade outside between the main building and the beer building.

It was a short stop, but we did manage to dance a few songs and look around. If you have heard of, or been lucky enough to dance to, the Joe Patek Orchestra, this was the site of their final performance.

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