Thirsty Horse Saloon: Visited Nov. 15, 2019

Thirsty Horse Saloon, at 2335 NW Military Hwy in San Antonio, is not an old dance floor, but friends invited us to dance and we accepted. They have a very nice, 2,000 square foot wood floor, with sawdust along the sides of the floor for those who need a little assistance in gliding. Strobe lights flash on and around the floor. Three bars, several beer stations, pool tables and a nice amount of tables surround the floor. They don’t always charge a cover, it depends on the band that is playing. Smoking is allowed outside only.

The dance floor

They offer free dance lessons Thursday through Saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The night we attended, the lesson was on Waltz. The instructor (sorry, I didn’t get his name) and his assistant were very good and gave great instruction on several Waltz pattern variations. The large crowd seemed to enjoy and learn something. I saw several couples using the moves later in the evening.

The dance instructor (middle of the photo, dark shirt) waiting for 7:00

Large screens at the front of the dance hall runs a loop of bull riding and dancers on the floor.

Just inside the front door are two very comfortable benches under their logo.

The main bar is quite large and it’s necessary to navigate around it to get to seating or the dance floor. Deer antler lights hang above the serving area. Bar tenders are attentive, quick and professional.

The raised band stage is set at the end of the building, sandwiched between two of the bars. There is a bar railing and stools edging the stage. Five feet of walk space separates another row of bar stools, giving those who want to stand near the band a place to do so without interfering with those who wish to dance.

The Colby Albright band was the featured band. They came on around 10:00 p.m. and were full of energy.

Like the song says, “you gotta have a fiddle in the band!”

Though the website says they have brisket after 9 p.m. Ricky Bobby next door, now offers Tacos. There is an inside door to Ricky Bobby’s near the front of the bar area, or you can go outside and down the sidewalk. We didn’t sample the food since we ate prior to dancing.

It was a fun time with a nice floor and great friends. We may be back, but we still want to dance on those old floors. Hope to see you on a dance floor soon!

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