Renck Hall: Nov. 23, 2019

Renck hall, 4123 S State Highway 237, Warrenton was a brief stop on our November dance hall road trip.

We didn’t go in, but sat outside and Erik gave us a brief history on the hall. The photos are not great quality. I took them through the van windows after dark.

This was an old Czech hall that used to be in Warrenton and moved to Fayetteville around 1989. It was originally called Baca (pronounced Bacha) Pavilion. When it was moved, there was a stipulation that Baca was to remain on the building for 15 years. That time period passed, as the name on the building was just Renck when we stopped.

It now houses high end antique furniture, with no intention of hosting dances. If we want to see the inside, we’ll have to visit during the antique shows.

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