Round Top Schutzen Verein: Visited Nov. 23, 2019

Round Top Schutzen Verein (Rifle Club), is at 710 FM 1457, Round Top. This club was formed in 1873 by German inhabitants. Shooting is limited to males. The hall was built in 1912 and used to have a bowling alley, carousel, saloon, ice cream stand and outhouses.

They host the longest running Fourth of July celebration west of the Mississippi (168 years and counting!); an annual Schutzenfest (143 years strong); a New Year’s Eve Dance; a Mollie B Squeezebox show in January; an annual OktoBierFest in October and Monday night hamburger socials. Make plans to attend one of these and help support the hall. Check the website for specific details.

We met Julie Walker, who gave us a tour and some history of the rifle club. The 7,000 square foot building is over 100 years old. They enclosed the porch and installed air conditioning and heating. The property was purchased in 1881-1882. Construction completed in 1912 and was named Schutzen Park (Sharpshooter’s Park.)

Weather vane on top of the roof

Founded in 1873, the verein (community) became incorporated in the state of Texas in 1921. At that time the name changed to Round Top Rifle Association.

The beautiful floor. Yes, we danced on it and it was really nice!

Erik asking questions of Julie Walker, Rifle Club representative

The historic curtain, currently rolled and protected, has the names and ads from sponsors. The same names can be found on the block boards above the stage.

The venue can seat 500, though most events run 200-300 people. Rental for both the up and downstairs is $1050. If you would like to rent just the pavilion or just the downstairs rental fee is $250. Downstairs is where you find the meetings and the Monday night burgers.

Through the barn door to the lower level
Outside view of the downstairs area
Inside view of the lower level

The downstairs boasts an industrially equipped kitchen.

An annual shooting contest is the third Sunday of September. Recently the reining king (winner of the contest) has been held by some of the younger members. There are three shots per round. If there is a bulls eye, a rooster shoots up by the target.

Shells from a practice

The grey box in the center of the photo is the target. The green box to the left of it is made of metal and where the judge stands. After the shot, he will walk over to check the target and give the score. The property sits on 10.5 acres.

Barbeque, crowning of the king and a drink from German beer keg (imported from Germany) are all part of the celebration. 2,100 pounds of meat is cooked for the barbeque.

Barbeque pit

While we were looking at the shooting range, in the field to the left, we saw four deer grazing.

This was a fun visit, full of information, history and of course, a quick dance on the floor. Thank you Julie Walker, for taking time to give us a tour!

Photos from a previous 4th of July barbeque

There was a poster for an upcoming local event at Carmine, December 1. Hopefully you have time to plan for this, or the Christmas parade December 9 here at Round Top.

See you on a dance floor!

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