Watterson Hall: Visited Nov. 23, 2019

Watterson Hall, 1179 Watterson Rd, Red Rock was our dance hall with a live band during our November Dance Hall Road Trip. The hall used to be called Big Annie’s. Annie’s son, LeRoy Wilhelm and family own it now.

Daniel Law and the Texas Highriders band kept the dancers on the floor all night. This was a true family oriented hall. The floor and surrounding tables were filled with teens, pre-teens and toddlers.

As we got off the bus, we were told just inside the door to the left was the window to order $3.50 hamburgers. Once you entered the floor, the bar was directly on the left where beer was $2.00. We were told it would be 45 minutes for the burgers and were given a ticket and asked for our table number. They delivered the burgers wrapped in paper, nestled in a paper boat, hot and juicy.

Since Erik had called ahead, we had a reserved table. It was a good thing, because the hall was packed. Mismatched chairs are at every table, and benches run the length of the walls.

The band sang Happy Birthday to a lady at the table next to us. She was pulled onto the floor by the lead bass player and hugged as he and the band played. Our table was gifted with some scrumptious pecan pie bites left from their celebration. Later one of our tour members, who was also celebrating her birthday, was serenaded.

The hall was used in a scene from the 1998 movie “Hope Floats.” A movie poster was on the wall just past our table. The large star painted on the floor is a remnant of the filming.

Watterson hosts big Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years dances and usually something every weekend of the year. If you want to rent the hall, that’s a possibility. Check out the happenings on their Facebook page.

A hint for all the ladies. If you use the third stall from the door, DON’T lock the knob. It causes the door to jam. I was told the trick if you locked it and wanted out, was to unlock it, jiggle the knob a bit, PUSH the door closed some more, jiggle the handle again and (fingers crossed) pull on the handle. Unfortunately, I heard the secret handshake information AFTER getting jammed in the stall. I tried to get help from some of the younger crowd in the bathroom, but they looked at me like I was crazy and left. Some of them returned and a seven or eight year old told me to just crawl under the stall wall to get out. I did, then she crawled under and with the help of another women, they got the door opened.

Even with the bathroom incident we had a great time. The floor was wonderful, the people are friendly, burgers were great and they had a great band. Check them out next time you are in the area.

My boots were covered in sawdust – a sure sign it was a good dance day!

Hope to see you on one of the floors soon!

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