Zapp Hall: Visited Nov. 23, 2019

When we travel with the Dance Hall Road Trip we often have a bonus stop. This trip was no exception. Warrenton Zapp Hall was on the way between our stops, and we drove past to take photos and hear what Erik, the tour guide, knew about the hall. The hall is located off CR 237 in Warrenton.

Zapp hall is currently owned by three sisters. At one time the building was a roller rink. Now it’s a venue for antiques during the April and October Warrenton Antique weeks. The night we drove past, there were people working inside. They came out to check on our vehicle , recognized Erik and invited us inside.

Metal work in progress
Just inside the door

It’s a very well maintained building. The floor was nice and smooth, and even with the tables and metalwork in the center, plenty of space to dance.

Inside the hall
Inside being used for metal work
Some of the decorations
Ceiling rafters
Band stage
Area that used to be the bar. Now storage

The building was amazing. The floor was great. We had a wonderful time hearing about the hall and the antique weeks. So glad we were able to get inside. Even though it’s not open to the public as a dance venue, I can mark it off our list. Thanks Erik for the opportunity and experience!

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