Mavericks – Buda: Visited December 28, 2019

The last dance hall we were on in 2019 was a new dance floor – Mavericks in Buda. Address is 275 Old An Antonio Rd, right off I-35 next to Cabella’s. The floor plan is like the Mavericks in Pflugerville, but with an additional 2nd story and a food truck outside. The taco was pretty tasty.

We arrived about 7:30 p.m. and found one couple on the dance floor and a majority of the tables filling fast. We picked a spot along the wall to watch the dancers before heading out on the floor ourselves.

The private grand opening a few months ago was headlined by George Strait. We weren’t on the invite list, but that’s OK. We knew a few people who were invited and they said it was a great opening. There are a lot more seats along the dance floor at this hall. They were full when we left.

The outdoor area is much larger and has fire pits and grouped seating along with the usual games and tvs.

The swings are different!

Lots of outdoor space with a big bar area. Smoking is only allowed outside, so they made it comfortable.

If you were upstairs and needed some air, there is a balcony with seating that overlooks the downstairs patio area.

Good music, great floor, high energy, friendly people on and off the floor. We had lots of fun. If you are looking for a good time on a new floor, look here.

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