Karen Renee Wiese Memorial Pavilion (aka Virginia Park Pavilion): Visited July 28, 2020

Virginia Park 20200728_175811
Pavilion at Virginia Park in Calvert, TX

We were driving back home from Dallas and found ourselves in Calvert, Texas. I remembered there was a pavilion in the town. Searching my Google Map I found Virginia Park Pavilion. Located at the corner of E. Mitchell Street and Pin Oak Street in Calvert, we encountered a beautiful park with the pavilion in the center.

Virginia Park _20200728_175002
Corner of E. Mitchell St and Pin Oak

We have missed dancing with COVID-19 closing dance halls and requiring social distancing. This pavilion was perfect to rekindle our dance passion. A nice little solitary waltz around the floor brought us to dancehall happy.

Virginia Park 20200728_175824
Looking out from the pavilion to one of the gazebos

The park was very peaceful and well maintained. It’s smack dab in the middle of the historic district. Beautiful homes were all around. It looked, to us, like a perfect place to hold a dance, COVID-19 or not. We imagined a band in one of the little gazebos, dancers in the big pavilion, and people milling around between the two – keeping social distance and enjoying music.

Virginia Park 20200728_175030 (1)
The Pavilion through the trees
Virginia Park 20200728_175319
Looking out from the Pavilion
Virginia Park 20200728_175018
Virginia Field Park sign

Here’s the background on the pavilion. The pavilion was built around 1868 in Calvert, Texas. It originated as a donation for park space from the Houston and Texas Central Railroad. The large red-roofed pavilion and the 2 smaller gazebos were built in 1895.

In 1937, the large pavilion was named in honor of an admired landscaper, Mrs. Virginia Field.

According to the historical marker on the pavilion, it was renamed in 2000 to honor a seventh-generation citizen of Calvert.  The park retains the name Virginia Field.

Virginia Park 20200728_175138

The wooden floor was painted a pale blue.

Virginia Park 20200728_175257

The pavilion had a nice high ceiling.

Virginia Park 20200728_175332

There are two rows of wood benches surrounding the dance area.

Virginia Park 20200728_175313

An unused (probably due to COVID restrictions) fountain from the Civic League, dated 1912, was just outside the pavilion.

Virginia Park_20200728_175741

It was a nice surprise, finding a beautiful, peaceful area to dance during our business trip. We are planning to return again, with or without a band playing here.

On the way home, we saw a rainbow. Making a wish to see you on the dance floor soon!


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