Hruska’s at Park: Visited Aug 15, 2020

Hruska’s at Park is located at 1139 Park Prairie Rd, Fayetteville.

We’re still deep into COVID-19 restrictions, which means halls are closed for dances. Erik McCowan, the tour guide for Dance Hall Road Trip, came up with a way for us to visit some sites and still follow the Texas COVID rules. Six vehicles (a total of 10 people) met up in Smithville to see some historic dance floors. Only people from a single household were allowed in a vehicle, (no carpooling) and we were asked to dance only “with the one that brought us” should a dance opportunity arrive. We followed in a caravan to Hruska’s where we walked around the front of the property – masked and six feet or more distance between each person.

We were there to dance and learn some history, so gathering in a large circle, we learned about Hruska’s at Park. Built sometime around 1901, it was a popular dance hall through the 1950’s. The hall was originally called Tscheidle hall. It’s a family owned Czech hall.

Current owners , the Hruska’s, revitalized it for their child’s wedding. Upwards of 700 people attended. Sometime in the 1970’s polka bands stopped having dances, so it became a family retreat where they have picnics and family gatherings.

More of the property
The old beer barn (corner of dance hall can be seen on the right)

The little square building used to be a store when the Chaplins, former owners, were in charge. It has the common flaps that open up and let the air circulate. It became a beer barn during the dance hall times with beer sold on one side, sodas on the other. Now it’s repurposed for their own personal bar with refrigerators for their weekend retreats.

Lake Fayette in the distance

In the early 1980’s when Lake Fayette was created, the roadway became submerged, and required a bypass around the community. Now the road past the old hall ends in the lake. The roadway exits the lake on the other shore. Temperatures were toasty, with this first stop registering 108 degrees and Lake Fayette in view from the property, looked inviting. As we walked I noticed quite a few dragonfly’s landing on the wire fence.

Somewhere in the 1970’s the building was moved sideways about 30′ and back away from the road about 60′ to its current resting place. This was done to preserve the trees; give more room to add onto the back; and to move further from right of way needs along the street.

Grove of trees that used to be behind the hall

This was a beautiful spot and I enjoyed hearing about the property. Too bad it isn’t open to the public. We danced in the grass by the mailbox anyway.

Hall previously sat in front of the trees
The previous beer barn

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