SPJST Beyersville Lodge 48: Virtual Visit, August, 2020

beyersville outside
Photo by Stephen Dean

Due to COVID-19, we can’t dance on or visit halls right now. I decided this is a good time to contact those halls who are event oriented and see if they would give me photos, history and information for a virtual visit.

SPJST Beyersville Lodge 48,  10450 FM 619 S, Taylor, TX 76574. Their phone number is 512-739-9324. They are a non-profit business, open only for events.

According to information in Stephen Dean’s notes when he was compiling information for his book Historic Dance Halls of East Central Texas, the property was purchased in 1928. The church on the property was torn down and a building was erected in 1929 and modernized in 1963. Taylor SOKAL used the building from 1931-1939.  During a remodel in 1962, 200 square feet were added, including a bar, siding, walls and ceiling.

Here are more photos Stephen took.

beyersville side view

beyersville life ins sign

The building underwent renovations in 2019. They were just completed when they experienced a fire on July 16, 2019. Firefighters from Thrall, Coupland, Taylor, Weir, Hutto, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Leander, Bartlett VFDs, FDs and Wilco EMS were called to take care of the blaze. Ridge boards were completely burned, the fire burned out the attic, rafters collapsed and fell into the north wall. Photo from Thrall Fire Department.

spjst beyersville fire

I had contacted the organization, but at the time I posted this, I had not received any response. When (or if) I do get information, I’ll update this page.

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