Dale’s Essenhaus: Visited March 26, 2021

We finally ventured out to an open-air venue after a long dancing drought. Dale’s Essenhause at 3900 FM 972, Walburg has been around since 1966 when it was called Joe’s Place. Dale Cockerell took over in 1997 and added the family-friendly restaurant so popular today. If you want more history, check out their website.

Because it had been so long since we visited any dance venue I forgot to take a photo of the outside! I’ll correct that the next time we visit, which will be soon. Dale’s has wonderful food and it’s a popular place so if you plan to come and eat get there early. You can use your smart phone to scan the menu attached to each table.

We wanted to dance but the cobbler on the menu sounded too yummy to ignore. We shared one blackberry cobbler (with three huge scoops of vanilla ice cream) and one cherry cobbler while waiting for the band Pure Country to start.

They have lots of seating and right now (early 2021) they are requesting you wear a mask when entering or moving away from your table.

There is also covered seating with red and blue lights strung over the seating. Pick a table when you arrive. The wait staff will greet you shortly.

There is a huge grassy area for kids to run around and play. We saw many families enjoying the evening while the kids made friends or played with ones they already knew. There are lots of shade trees around and we saw several butterflies up in the treetops. One industrious tarantula made its way across the dance floor. Fortunately for the spider, the floor was empty at the time. Adults saw it and several took photos (me included.) For whatever reason the children never saw it. Probably a good thing for all involved!

The band was great. We were treated to a wonderful imitation of Willie Nelson and many songs from George Strait and Merle Haggard. The concrete dance floor was sprinkled with cornmeal to help with boot scooting. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed talking to a gentleman who shared our table. But most of all we were excited to dance outside the kitchen again!

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