SPJST #47 – Star Hall Lodge: Visited 4-14-21

Star Hall Lodge is located at 10842 State Highway 53 in Temple. It is available for rental and from an internet search, may be having a fried chicken and sausage Polka Jam on June 6th, starting at 11:00. Call 254-985-2548 before going to double check. You can also check seatonstarhall.com for more information on the hall.

I have no other information on the hall, but quite a few outdoor photos I will share here. The windows had interior screens on them, so I was unable to get any photos from inside. There were a number of chickens and a very vocal rooster in the back, which I believe belonged to the property next door.

Information from Stephen Dean said the Sons of Hermann used to have meetings here in 1910. They met at various other locations until their hall was built in 1967. There is no listing on the national register for a Temple, TX chapter now. The building itself doesn’t look as though it was built that long ago, so take that information with a grain of salt.

I found a link to a live music performance at the Star Hall.

I’ll be checking to see if that June 6 date is valid. If so, we may be taking a trip up for some Polka fun!

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