Club Westerner: Visited 5-22-2021

Club Westerner at 1005 W. Constitution Street in Victoria has been on our list for several years. On a trip south, we planned out our route to include a stop at the dancehall. We were so ready to get back to dancing. This was the first stop of hopefully six halls on this trip. A phone call prior to our trip went unanswered. We knew they were mainly an event site, but we still wanted to see the floor. The website says they’ve been around since 1927.

When we arrived there were several pickup trucks outside and music playing inside. A blackboard at the door let us know there was going to be a wedding. Since there were only a few trucks, we figured the wedding wasn’t happening just yet. So we stuck our heads inside to ask if we might take a quick photo.

The disco ball was flashing in time to the music but we couldn’t see anyone around. I stood just inside the door and took several quick photos. The floor was expansive and looked so inviting. The decorations were set up in preparation for the upcoming wedding.

Outside the door there was a concrete pad that looked as though a pool had once been situated there and filled in.

For more history on the dance hall, check out Don’t forget to listen to the audio from Mr. Villafranca.

If you are needing an event venue and are in the area, check out Club Westerner. This was a great venue to restart our Texas dancehall tours.

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