Robstown Community Hall: Visited May 22, 2021

Our second dance hall on our trip south was Robstown Community Hall at 4612 County Road 42, Robstown. We thoroughly enjoyed our meeting with Glenn and Georgia who were gracious enough to open the hall for our inspection and a quick dance on the floor. They encouraged us to come back the next night for the weekly Sunday evening dance.

All dances are smoke-free and run 4 to 7:30 every Sunday. They have a live five-band each Sunday on a rotation. The hall requires a five piece band, so those bands which don’t normally have five people will ask someone to join them so they can play. See whiteboard for a list of the bands. Glenn said they generally have 65-70 people at each dance, but when the Majeks play, it can be upward of 100 people.

Admission is $8 for members, $10 for non-members. If you are between the ages of 12-16, door fee is $4. Most of the 200 members have been coming for years. One of the band members in Majek played with his first band at Robstown when he was eleven and played again the week prior to our visit 40 years later. Bands play country and polka. The hall is also available for rental. Rental cost is $800. When we visited it was set up for a graduation party. For more information check their website. Note it is Robstown Community HALL, not Center – that will get you a different website.

A photo on the wall dated 1917 shows the original community hall. The current building is at least 40 years old. The floor is the original wood floor. They oil the floor and sweep after each dance or event. It was a smooth floor and such fun to dance on. The hall boasts it is the “best little dance floor in Texas.” We have to agree it was a sweet dance floor.

Make a trip to Robstown on a Sunday. Sit and visit with the members. Tell them Dave and Tracy sent you. You’ll be made to feel like family. Glenn and Georgia said everyone is friendly and welcoming, with never a fight found at the hall. Buy some snacks. Dance on that floor and let us know what you think.

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