Outta Town Dance Hall/ M and E Event Center: Visited May 24, 2021

The Outta Town Dance Hall at 204 Elida St, Mission is another lost/ converted dance hall. It now houses the M&E Event Center. Our email and phone calls went unanswered, but our drive to the location showed the new occupants.

You have to look close to find Elida Street. The road looks like a driveway and the street sign was faded and was leaned against another building post facing the wrong direction. It’s down an industrial looking area with a nice size parking lot.

A phone call to the number listed on the door confirmed this was the old Outta Town dance hall location.

Since it was an event center and it had a dance floor but we couldn’t get inside we danced in the parking lot then took photos through the glass front door.

This one was added to our lost/ converted list of old dancehalls. We went down the road to see if we could locate another hall.

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