Royal Palace Dancehall: Visited May 24, 2021

We made a stop to the Royal Palace Dancehall at 4000 W Mile 3 Rd, Mission. They have a Facebook page, but did not respond to my inquiries about the hall.

From the outside looking in the floor looks expansive. I was disappointed it wasn’t a wood floor and that we weren’t able to get inside to dance. I was unable to get any historical or current information on the hall. If you have anything I’d love to hear it so I can update this post. The only information I have is that it is a wedding venue.

We danced on the front porch between the statues then took off looking for a floor we could dance on.

Note: There is another Royal Palace Ballroom. It is located in San Antonio. Here’s a link to that floor. The list I received from Stephen Dean listed the Mission, Texas dancehall as one of the older halls.

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